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At Royce 3D Scanning we specialize in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to provide accurate, detailed, and immersive digital representations. Our mission is to empower diverse industries, from architecture to urban planning, by offering advanced 3D scanning services for precise measurements and comprehensive analysis. In the realm of LiDAR, we excel in capturing high-resolution, real-time data to facilitate informed decision-making. At Royce 3D Scanning, we stand out for our customer-centric approach, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each project. Collaborate with us to experience the limitless possibilities of 3D scanning and LiDAR technology, where every scan is a step toward a more detailed, data-driven world. 


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Explore the future of spatial intelligence with our LiDAR Scanning services, where precision meets innovation. From detailed point clouds and floor plans to meticulously crafted exterior elevations and Revit models, we elevate your projects with unparalleled accuracy and comprehensive spatial data integration.


Soar to new heights with our comprehensive drone services, a cutting-edge solution that goes beyond the horizon. From high-resolution photogrammetry and precise topographic maps to detailed orthomosaics and thorough facade inspections, our drone services redefine aerial data acquisition, providing you with a bird's-eye view like never before.


Experience the next dimension with our Matterport scanning services, designed for construction documentation and business marketing. Elevate your project's precision and boost marketing impact as we capture spaces in three dimensions, providing detailed insights and enhancing your documentation and promotional efforts.


Unlock the power of precision with our BOMA measurement services, tailored to benefit commercial brokers, insurance agents, building owners, and tenants alike. From accurate property assessments for brokers to streamlined insurance processes and informed leasing decisions for tenants, our services redefine space measurement, adding value across the commercial real estate spectrum.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


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